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Trouble in Equestria

Trouble in Equestria is a version of TTT that is designed with pony in mind. We have load of custom content, T weapons, and Player Models

Equestrian Cinema

Come watch video with friends and new ponies alike. WE have loads of custom content, events, etc.

Murder is Magic

MLP Themed Murder with Changelings and Ponies. Fine the Changeling before he Kills everyone else.

Hide a Pony , Find a Pony

Basically Hide and Seek…but with Ponies!

Pony Death Run

Coming Soon!

Pony Prop Hunt

Coming Soon!

Zombie Ponies

Coming Soon!

Equestrian Universe DarkRP

Coming Soon!


What makes us, us!
Started out as a Dream, Well not really, Just some people that are friends that wanted more servers to play on.
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Kali (Spitfire)

Server Leader/ Lead Programmer
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Scarlet Sound

PHAS, MIM Lead Admin
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Equestrian Cinema Lead Admin
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